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Welcome to cnSPOKE 

 Highly Corperated and Aggresively Innovated. 

SPOKE,in bicycle industry, seems to be an ignored part from customer’s image. Compare to other parts such as Brake System, Handling Bars, or Frames, it plays its own role to fully support its function.
With its slim body, it is built with Rim and Hub to form a perfect combination. A combination resists Bike Touring, Racing, and even Mountaining functionalities.

Who is responsible for the duty to achieve these?

Rim maker? Wheel builder? or Spoke manufacturer?


None of above need no duty on this. They are all associated. Spokes are definitely supposed to provide their own firm resistance with hubs and glued match with nipples inserted in rims.
CN has entered its 4th decade since 1970. We have experienced many innovation changes in bicycle industry. As mentioned above, we really know how to make spokes to accompany with various kinds of Hubs and Rims. Spoke has to “sit” on them without gap. This is the essential concept. In addition, tensile and fatigue strength is surely a primary consideration in production.

CN knows, likes to enhance our products and share them to industry.

 It's Great to know your dedication to bicycle industry.