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   The LAB                   


Products  are suffering serious tests before announcement. Theoratic technologies are still in examing here.

In cnSPOKE, we are aggressively adopting new technology and R&D equipment to achieve leading-edge products. No matter how a perfect theory of professional technology adopted, a mature testing facility is always the only answer to it.


SPOKE Tensile Test
> Spoke, the tiny piece, works more than you think...
Computer Aid analysis system helps us to determine the mechanical properties from data of frequency and  loading domains. Products have the right to reach their optimal performances.



SPOKE Fatigue Test
> The Life cycle one spoke can resist.



Wheel Allignment
>  Non good wheelset can be made without right Allignment..



Micro Film

> 50X magnified screen displays all details of products.

CCD lens adotped.



Complete Wheel Cycling
> The comprehensive results
The final stage to determine if the complete sets are able to achieve best performance.