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Specialized in Manufacturing Spokes and Nipples since 1970


Reserving Tension

Highly Collaborative and Aggressively Innovative

SPOKES, in the bicycle industry, are often an overlooked component in the eyes of customers. Compared to other parts such as brake systems, handlebars, or frames, spokes play a crucial role in providing full support and functionality. With their slim bodies, spokes are built to form a perfect combination with rims and hubs, creating a combination that resists bike touring, racing, and even mountain biking.

Who is responsible for achieving this functionality? Is it the rim maker, wheel builder, or spoke manufacturer?

None of the above have sole responsibility. They are all interconnected. Spokes must provide firm resistance, matched with nipples inserted in rims, and must work seamlessly with hubs.

cnSPOKE has been in the industry for four decades since 1970, experiencing many innovative changes. As mentioned above, we know how to manufacture spokes that accompany various types of hubs and rims. The spokes must fit perfectly without any gaps, and tensile and fatigue strength is a primary consideration during production.

We are dedicated to enhancing our products and sharing them with the industry. We appreciate your commitment to the bicycle industry.


Fully Customizable

cnSPOKE’s metal processing technology offers a wide range of customization options to its customers. The company is able to provide spokes and other metal products in different colors and coatings to meet the specific needs and preferences of its clients. This is made possible through advanced processes that allow for the precise application of various coatings and finishes. These processes result in a durable, long-lasting finish that not only enhances the appearance of the products but also provides additional protection against wear and tear. Whether for aesthetic purposes or functional requirements, cnSPOKE’s metal processing technology can create customized products with a high degree of precision and quality.