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Hand Tools
To make your work easier and happier.

Aero Spoke Holder

Double Slotted, Designed for AeroExtra/Aero/AeroT.
Manuals →

WR3 / 3 Slots Nipple Wrench

3.2/3.3/3.4 Compatible with Aero spokes

WR6 / 6 slots Nipple Wrench

For 12G/13/14/15G
14G-3.2 x 2 / 14G-3.4 x 1 / 13G-3.6 x 1 / 12G-3.9 x 1
Aero spoke compatible.

CN4 Nipple Drivers

Slotted / Hex 3.2 / Hex4.7 / Hex5.5
The Compact pack needed for hand building.

Nipple Drivers

for 3.2mm square nipples

for TX 16 nipples

NH-10 / Nipple Holder

Hand holder with texturing process to help mounting nipples on rims and spokes. Easily release after spoke engagement.
Lengh: 10 cm


Alignment Offset Gauge/with Analog Meter

SR-330 / Spoke Ruler 330mm

Stainless, Solid Material
Conversion Chart included
Manuals → / How to →


Accurate Trueing / Building Stand

Spoke Tight
One drop makes wheels differently.

Apply right before wheel building
15 ML, Good for 20 wheels.

Direction of Use

  1. Insert spokes into hubs first. Later spoke insertion may stain the hub holes.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops onto the threads end of spokes
  3. Engage slightly spokes and nipples from the rim side
  4. Start trueing wheel. The glue on the spokes’ end will cover the threads by nipples’ engagement.
  5. In 3 hours, glue gets 30% dry. Wheels are still workable in this period.

For best results, better trueing wheel before the glue drying.

Store in place without direct sunlight or heat


  • Keep out reach of children
  • Wear gloves to avoid long contact to glue
  • Once allergy occurs, rinse with water

Terms of Use
By opening this bottle, you agree to follow said condition and instruction above.

Spoke Tension Gauges
A Must-have professional builder’s tool.

Ten’see 22
Rev. 1.0 – Directing Measurement


  • Wide Range 40- 150kgs for CNSPOKE models
  • Factory parameter was recorded for every gauge
  • Direct-detecting measurement
  • Sealed cylinder for best usage and accuracy
  • Free Refurbishment under Warranty
  • Factory Calibration available

What’s included

  • Carry Case
  • Tension Curves and Charts
  • Test Piece
  • Manual