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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit to use Double Butted Spoke?

We focus on strength to select different types of spokes. In our research, the break points are always on both ends of spokes. Seldom do the cases happen in the middle part of spokes. Double Butted Spokes give less weight benefit to the rims. That is why we choose Double Butted spokes.

What's the Difference between Grinding Double Butted Spoke and Forged Double Butted Spoke?

Basically, we go double butted spokes for a new look. However, sometimes we consider about the strength it can support since even powerful rims rely on spokes and nipples. Normally, both types are good for various bikes. But, if mountain bikes are considered, Forged Spoke will be the best choice.

Can I import data?

Yes! Getting your existing data in is easy. Simply export your existing customers to a .csv file and import them within a couple of clicks.

Does 2.0(14G) Aero spoke fit in regular hubs?

We have 2 versions on 2.0 diameter Aero spoke. One with width of 3.0mm. the other with width of 2.3mm. The 2.3mm version spoke can be passed through regular hubs. For 3.0mm version, you will need special hubs.

How's the weight of regular spoke or nipple?

Yes, you can check the weight from products pages.

For Aero spokes, how are the flat body lengths?

The length will be varied for different length of spoke. It will be roughly about 80% of total length of spoke.

What are the major idea and thoughts to use Aero spoke? Is this resulting in bad tension strength?

Surely, the shape is the first point. Also, it is aero dynamically functional and little lighter weighted. For the tension, it shows the same test results. The aero body has more flexible bounce that feedback to rim while rigid bumped. In some case, a well-tuned wheelset has more strength with Aero spokes.

Can some wider spokes on 2.3mm (13G) and 2.6mm (12G) fit in regular 2.0mm nipples?

CN is always working on something new and functional. There are several types of  “Tri-Gauge spokes” such as Bravo394, 374, Aero 394T, 374T, and Aero 374T fulfills this need. Please check “Products” section for details.

There are 2 models of black finish (XD and ED), What's the difference between them?

From the appearance, XD is in Matt black color and ED is in Shiny black color. From their durability, XD finish has stronger layer. It’s a evolutional anti-scratch treatment.

How much weight I can save for use of TB354?

Comparing to its sister models, TB354 saves 13.5% to 35.2% of weight with higher total strength.

What's the difference between Aero 424 and Aero 494?

Aero424 is produced by multiple processed and designed for road bike, especially for carbon rim application to extend the most performance on “Fatigue Strength”. It is lighter in weight and smaller in body profile comparing to Aero494.

And for Aero494 is type of flat spoke for most applications, not just on Road, but even used on MTB wheels to provide Aero Dynamic function. Therefore, it is fair in weight and wider in body comparing to Aero424.