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Sustainable Partnership for Carbon Emission Analysis

In alignment with our environmental commitment, we collaborate with professional organizations to assess and mitigate our carbon emissions. This strategic partnership reflects our dedication to understanding and balancing our production processes for a more sustainable future.

Learned how to conduct ESG and GHG.

2022 / NOV

Signed an ESG contract with CHC.

Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) was established with the support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (R.O.C.) and the Cycling Industry in 1992.

2023 / MAR

The verification unit came to our company to provide guidance and training on how to conduct ESG verification.

2023 / APR

Collected data.

2023 / MAY - JULY

First round of guidance and improvement by the verification unit.

2023 / AUG

Second round of guidance and improvement by the verification unit.

2023 / SEP

Conducted greenhouse gas inventory verification.

2023 / OCT

Conducted carbon emissions verification.

2023 / NOV

Passed verification and issued a statement.

2023 / DEC

Verified Excellence

We’ve joined forces with a professional certification firm to authenticate our products. Accessible for everyone, the verification details are available for easy viewing and download.

Greenhouse Gases Verification Statement of cnSpoke
The inventory of Product Carbon Footprint of SLT Black Stainless Spoke
The inventory of Product Carbon Footprint of EPM Brass Nipple


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