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Options for your orders.


Spoke Options
We understand that unique products require customization. That’s why we offer a range of customized options to help you create the perfect solution.

Head Options

Straight Pull

Round Headed, excellent general purpose spokes, good durability and strength. Eliminate weak point and faster wheel building.


Rectangular headed of straight pull spokes.
L: 4mm / W: 2.2mm (T2) or 3mm (T3)

J Bend

Better force distribution.

Thread Options

Lock Seal

Lock Seal Glue applied to thread to prevent turning loose.

Self Locking Threads (SLT)

Variation of threads. Metallic contact works better. The patent-pending technology from spoke production features:

  • No glue,  no extra Locktile is needed.
  • Good on manual or machine building.
  • Re-trueing is ok.

Finishing Options

Pad Pringing

Custom graphic can be partially applied to spokes by pad printing.

Carbon Pattern

Carbon graphic can be applied to full spoke by water transfer printing.

Color Options

ION Color

Black, Gold, Copper, Purple, Blue and Rainbow

PC Color

Red, Light Green, Pink, White, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Pearl White

ED Color

ED-Black, Solid-Yellow, Solid-Grey, Solid-Gold, Solid-Red

ED Shiny Color

Gold, Blue, Green, Red

Product Packaging
For authorized distribution, multiple options include bottles, bags and boxes are available.

for Spokes

Type Dimension Capacity
Plastic Bag 85mm (w) x 360mm (h) 72 pcs
Paper Box S 360mm (l) x 60mm (w) x 30mm (h) 100 pcs
Paper Box L 340mm (l) x 80mm (w) x 80mm (h) 500 pcs

for Nipples →

Type Dimension Capacity
Bottle 50mm (Dia.) x 95mm (h) 500pcs (12mm/14mm)
400pcs (others)
Plastic Bag 70mm (w) x 120mm (h) 36 / 72 / 100 pcs