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It is cnSPOKE’s insistance.
The 1st class threading technology achieves perfect engagement for our spokes and nipples.

cnSPOKE 的 nipple 測試標準為在螺紋接觸三圈(三牙)時,nipple牙紋與鋼絲牙紋間隙經由測試其晃動低於第一級密合度標準;使用於高張力組輪上時,在高速騎乘中nipple亦不易噴飛。

In our company’s testing standards, when the nipple thread contacts the steel wire thread for three rotations, the clearance between the nipple thread and the steel wire thread is subjected to a vibration test that falls below the first-level tightness standard. This ensures that the nipple is less prone to ejecting during high tension cycling.