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Heavy Duty

Head Options

Straight Pull / T-Head / J Bend

Color Options

XD Black / Silver

Finishing Options

Pad Print / Carbon Pattern

Thread Options

Lock Seal

Technical Data

  • Weight is based on length of 260mm
  • Hub holes for REGULAR.
Model Weight Gauge (mm) Θ° B (mm) H (mm) L1 (mm) Ø J (mm) Ø K (mm) T (mm) Ø T (mm)
XT233 8.61g 13 95 7.0 90 4.5 6.0 2.5 2.3 9.5 2.0
XT344 6.45g 14 95 6.8 90 3.9 6.0 2.2 2.0 9.5 2.0

Model: XT233 / Max. Tension: 4,193   N

Model: X344 / Max. Tension: 3,226   N

We want the best for our bikes. We need some light and strong wheels, that's why we choose cnSPOKE. They have a lot of products and they can build what we need. We are proud to ride with cnSPOKE parts.

Sebastien LefevreTop French Rider, Team Ag2R